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Key milestones that Stamin have achieved since its inception:

Strategic partnerships with prominent gyms, fitness chains, or fitness equipment providers

Number of app downloads on Play Store and App Store

Investment secured in 2 funding rounds to support Stamin’s growth and development

  • Stamin operates as a digital platform that offers a range of services to different stakeholders in the fitness
  • The platform serves as a bridge, connecting gym owners, personal trainers, and gym users, facilitating interactions and
  • Gym Owners: Gym owners pay an annua subscription fee of INR 5,999.
  • Personal Trainers: Personal trainers pay an annual subscription fee of INR 4,999.
  • Gym Members: Gym members pay an annual fee of INR 299 to access the Stamin app.
  • For facilitating bookings and transactions between gym users and trainers.
  • Monetize user data by providing insights and analytics to gym owners and trainers
  • Digital marketing, influencer collaborations, and promotional features within the platform,
  • Digital marketing, influencer collaborations, and promotional features within the platform,
  • Individuals or businesses interested in operating Stamin Gym Pods can get it for INR 25 Lakhs
  • Offer premium features, subscriptions, to users looking for enhanced functionalities

Leveraging social media and content marketing to create a strong online presence and engage with community.

Collaborating with fitness influencers and experts can provide credibility and reach a wider audience.

Implementing a referral program can harness the power of word- of-mouth marketing to attract new users.

Partnering with gyms and personal trainers can directly reach the target audience and provide valuable endorsements.

Building an email list and sending targeted messages with exclusive promotions can convert potential users into active users.

Utilization of platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads to reach a broader fitness and health audience.